Ski Tuning & Repairs
Looking after your equipment not only prolongs it’s life but also dramatically improves
performance. Ideally skis should be tuned at the beginning or the end of every week.
Privilège provides a unique and practical service. Our Professional Ski Technicians collect your skis and return them the following morning, tuned, repaired and ready to go.

Struggling to keep up? Maybe your skis just need waxing?
Hot Wax ...... 15 €
We melt wax into the ski bases, this nourishes the pores which allow the skis to slide more easily.
Your skis are in pretty good condition and just need a little check up?
Regular Service ...... 30 €
We sharpen your edges, smooth the bases and hot wax them.
It’s been a while? Some scratches and holes that need dealing with?
Super Service ...... 45 €
We sharpen your edges, repair the bases and then they are given the Crystal Glide Stone Finish improving the skis ability to slide.
Like to have the upper edge on hard snow and ice?
Hand Finish ...... 20 €
Supplementary to the regular or super service, we finish off your skis by hand.
Once you've tasted the pleasure of hand prepared skis there's no going back!

Ski Storage

Planning on coming back to the area?

We collect your skis and add a layer of wax to protect the bases and edges.
We then store them, saving you the extra cost and hassle of transportation.
Let us know when you're coming back, along with your holiday address and they will be waiting for you upon your arrival.

30 €
Regular Service and Storage
58 €
Super Service and Storage
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